when do you use code 78 occurance span dates

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when do you use code 78 occurance span dates

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CMS Transmittal 1555

Jan 5, 2009 … contains a table of contents, you will receive the new/revised …. Title: Prior Same-
SNF Stay Dates for Payment Ban Purposes … Medicare systems shall accept
occurrence span code 80 for reporting …. 180 should not be used for benefits
exhaust claims submission). …… report condition codes 04 and 78.).

Medicare Claims Processing Manual Crosswalk – CMS

Where it knows that a managed care plan will pay the bill, it sends the bill and
any … This section contains Medicare requirements for use of codes maintained
by the NUBC that are needed in ….. FL78 Other Provider – Last Name/First Name.
2 AN. 16/12 …. FLs 35 and 36 – Occurrence Span Code and Dates. Required For

MM8413 – CMS

Please note that you do not submit these codes on your claim … The NUBC
designates various series within the Condition, Occurrence, Occurrence Span
and Value … indicating Medicare's usage for these systematically assigned
codes are indicated next to each … Verified non-covered stay dates for which the

SE1325 – CMS

Aug 4, 2014 … Service (FFS) Claims that Span the International Classification of Diseases, … (
You can find this article at http://www.cms.gov/Outreach- … Use FROM or … split
the claim so all ICD-9 codes …. Emergency Room (ER) Services That Span
Multiple Service Dates and 290.2.2 …. 78 OTHER … OCCURENCE.

CMS Manual System

However, if this revision contains a table of contents, you will … system (OPPS),
CMS uses dates of service in order to correctly attribute the costs of …. code,
value code, diagnosis code, occurrence code, or occurrence span code shall be
….. 78. 79. M0. M1. M2 – If code M2 is present, the bill type must be 81X or 82X. e.

CMS Manual System

Jun 11, 2007 … contains a table of contents, you will receive the new/revised information only,
and not the entire table of contents. II. ….. The provider uses this code for a bill
encompassing ….. 78. New Coverage Not. Implemented by Managed. Care Plan.
The bill is for ….. FLs 35 and 36 – Occurrence Span Code and Dates.

CMS Manual System

Apr 1, 2004 … Form Locator (FL) 36 Occurrence Span Code and Date. R … use of new condition
and value codes with effective dates of October 1, 2003 and …

CMS Manual System

Nov 15, 2013 … CMS does not construe this as a change to the MAC statement of Work. … You
will receive notification of the article …. 79 – Verified non-covered stay dates for
which the provider is liable. … 78 – Payer only value code. …. The FI will use
Occurrence Span Code 79 (a payer only code sent to CWF) to report …


Feb 17, 2012 … Covered Days must be reported using Value Code 80. … SPECIAL NOTE: When
reporting Value Code 82, Occurrence Span Code 70 (Qualifying Stay Dates for
SNF) … within 60 days of the SNF admission, Occurrence Span Code 78 and the
… Nursing facility claim examples on how to report Medicare and …

Hospital UB-04 Claim filing instructions, Section 2 Billing Book

UB-04 claim form. If filing electronically using the 837 Institutional Claim, refer ….
31-34.**Occurrence Codes. If one or more of the following occurrence. Dates.

CMS-1450 Instructions – ICE

Locator 1 should correspond with the provider number in Form. Locator 51. …
The dates may not span more than one … Do not use the detainee's … Form
Locator 36 a-b – Occurrence Span Code (From … Form Locator 78 – Race/

UB04 Billing Instructions Guide – Health PAS Online – Maine.gov

Aug 30, 2016 … This Maine Health PAS Online Portal is for the use of authorized users only.
Users of the …. FL 31 – 34: OCCURRENCE CODES AND DATES.

UB-04 Claim – Mississippi Division of Medicaid

The following provider types should bill using the UB-04 claim form. • Dialysis ….
M – Male, F – Female, U – Unknown. 12 … Occurrence Span Codes and Dates.
37 …. 77. Not Required. Operating Physician Name and Identifiers. 78. Required

HCBS – E & D – State of Tennessee

Oct 29, 2007 … Once you have received your letter, you can use the following URL to gain
access to … 2) Enter the Occurrence Code (required for physician recertification
date) … 4) Enter the from and thru dates of service (DOS) (required) ….. A3 –
National Uniform billing Committee Occurrence Span Codes – not used for.

UB-04 Billing Guide for PROMISe™ Inpatient Hospitals

Jan 30, 2017 … Occurrence Span Codes, please refer to the UB-04 · Desk Reference … 0252,
and 0258, you would use one of the revenue codes and add up …

Hospital Services Billing Manual (F245-425-000) – Washington State …

Jul 1, 2015 … Where can you find help with L&I billing procedures? ….. billed as inpatient
services (using second digit code 1, Form Locator 4). All inpatient bills will be
evaluated for ….. Occurrence Span Codes and Dates. This information is …..
outpatient. Covered. 78X. Telemedicine. HCPCS code required for outpatient.

Technical Assistance Conference Call – HRSA

claims can be sent directly to the Medicare payer. ✓ Many Practice … FL 12 =
Admission Date = do not use for OP claim. FL 13 = Admission Hr … FL 35 – 36 =
Occurrence span codes – not used in. RHC … FL 74 = Principal Procedure codes
& dates = Not used on OP … FL 77, FL 78, & FL 79 = Other providers = not used
on …

BillingCodes_QuickRef (from Trailblazer).pdf – FTP Directory Listing

Beneficiary Would not Provide Information. Concerning Other … General Care
Patient in a Special Unit (NOT USED BY …. Occurrence Span Codes (SPAN
CODES) … 78. SNF Prior Stay Dates. MO. QIO Approval From and Through Dates
. M1.

Wisconsin Medicaid Personal Care Handbook, Billing Section

Items 68 – 75 … Use Coverage Determination Software to Ensure Appropriate Billing . ….. If you
are a Medicaid HMO network provider, contact your managed care organization
… ers should bill Wisconsin Medicaid before ….. Item 36(a-b): Occurrence Span
Code and Dates (not required) …. Item 78: Race/Ethnicity(not required).

njddcs data dictionary – State of New Jersey

Occurrence Span Codes and Dates . ….. edit(s) for the field. Guidelines – General
rules to follow for the use of a particular field. + … You can also open a support ….
If the Attending Physician State Code is valid, and does not equal 'NJ', …. 78.
New Coverage Not Implemented by HMO. 79. CORF Services Provided Offsite.

AARP health insurance plans (PDF download)

Medicare replacement (PDF download)

medicare benefits (PDF download)

medicare part b (PDF download)

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